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Full-service financial planning

Get the advice you need without all the extra fees. Our financial planning services are designed to provide you with the clarity and confidence you need to become your own best advocate.

Full Financial Plan 
This is a four-meeting process going through:
Your current assets
Short and long-term goals
Savings and investment strategies
Tax optimization
Estate plan review
No questions or ideas are off limits – this is your life, let us help guide you on your journey.
Cash Flow Analysis
Savings/spending review
College savings strategies/529s
Social Security strategies
Pre-and post-retirement spending strategies
Planning for “gap” years between retirement and social security/RMDs 
Investment Strategy Review
Review of your current investment accounts, investment allocation, investment advisory fees
In-depth discussion of personal thoughts and preferences around money and wealth
Design and draft a personal investment policy statement for you and your family
Advice and recommendations to ensure your investments are helping you to reach your long-term goal
Tax Optimization
Review W-2, 1040, paystub, and business retirement plan structure
Recommendations on Roth vs. Traditional IRA/401k contributions
Employer Stock Compensation discussion (ESPP/RSUs/NSOs/ISOs)
Discuss asset location, utilization of tax-loss harvesting
Donor Advised Funds, and charitable giving
Review of current policies 
And more
Develop insurance needs analysis and determination of whether you are under or over-insured. 
Multi-Generational planning
Discuss your overall estate plan and views on what you would like your wealth to become over time
Orchestrate family wealth conversations
Drafting and developing of family wealth plan
Review and discuss complex vehicles for multi-generational planning (Trust structures, utilization of partnerships, gifting strategies)

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