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Outsourced CIO Services

Save time, focus on what you're best at, and outsource the rest

Building and maintaining of model portfolios

How to think about, monitor, and document decision-making process around model and investment selection

When to use what

In-depth discussion of how to develop a decision framework for when
to use ETFs, Direct Indexing, SMAs, alternative investments, and mutual
funds based on individual client situations

Asset location strategies

Build a sustainable framework for where assets should be located based on spending, saving, and current/future tax brackets.

Rebalancing strategies and methodologies

Discuss rebalancing thresholds, convexity considerations, tax implications, and management of drift amongst various accounts

Investment committee creation and strategy session

How to build, maintain, and monitor the success of your investment committee

Articles and second opinion services

Draft white label articles for your firm (including market commentaries), review prospect client portfolios, and draft second opinion analysis for you to brand/provide
to the prospective client.